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Empower your business with our digital agency’s expertise! We specialize in guiding you through effective marketing strategies to elevate your brand and ensure online success. Join us and master the art of marketing for business growth!

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Tehila Azulay, and for the past 4 years, I’ve been helping business owners market themselves on social media and grow their businesses! If you want to succeed on social networks and attract more customers online, I invite you to join us!

What course would you like to study?

Landing pages course

17 hours

Marketing writing for landing pages to create for your business landing pages and sales pages that convert customers on social

Sponsored promotion course

25 hours

How to do a sponsored promotion that will double the amount of leads and cause potential customers to be exposed to the service or product

Social media course

17 hours

How to create videos and content on TikTok and Instagram and get more exposure, engagement and leads for your business

The numbers speak for themselves

Digital marketers
Business owners

What is sponsored promotion?

Sponsored promotion, known as PPC – Pay per Click after the most common model for its use, is a digital marketing method with the help of which the amount of traffic (Traffic) entering the organization’s website from various search engines is increased. The sponsored promotion is carried out in the advertising networks of the most popular and well-known search engines. Paid Promotion (PPC) is a marketing method in which the advertisers pay for each time the ad is clicked. When we browse a search engine like Google and type in a query, the results we get consist of organic promotion and sponsored promotion. The sponsored results appear on the sides of the page and at the top, and are sorted by Google, according to the amount of payment the company paid, and the quality of the ad. The desired situation (ie when PPC works properly) is that the price of the click is negligible for the company, because the surfer’s visit to the website is worth more than the price paid for the click. For example, if you pay NIS 10 for a click, and on the company’s website the price is NIS 1000, the profit is clear.

What is social management?

We live in an age of social networks. Most of us open our eyes in the morning, and pick up the phone for a quick spin on the net. We get the news and updates instantly on our mobile, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and LinkedIn take up most of our free time. So far – not particularly sensational news. So why are we telling you all this? So that you bring your brand to social networks as quickly as possible, as consistently as possible, and as well as possible. Using social networks is the best way to reach new audiences, and to create interactions from unexpected directions. Whether it’s a community of devoted followers on your Instagram page, enthusiastic readers on Facebook or colleagues on LinkedIn – your brand’s presence on the social network can have a direct and decisive effect on the exposure it receives, the resonance it generates – and the sales you enjoy. In the end, these are platforms where your customers (young and old) and your competitors (big and small) are located, therefore – you must be there too. We can often see social pages on the network that do not “hold”, to say the least. Content that does not speak the language of the platform, addressing the wrong audiences and incorrect use of the networks’ algorithms. Those pages often vacillate between a small amount of followers at best, and actual damage to the brand and its values at worst. How do you do social right? We decided to share with you some of our secrets, which will ensure that your page reaches as far as possible.

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